Unprecedented Times!

Is anyone sick of hearing "in these challenging times" or "in these unprecedented, challenging times"? Well, I am and this blog has absolutely NOTHING to do with the "pandemic"! It's about one of my favorite things...chicken wings.

Anywhere you go for dinner these days, chicken wings are on the menu either as appetizers or as a main entree, but all wings are not created equally. There are tiny little party wings that are more like appetizers, there are the medium sized wings that'll hold you over for maybe lunch till dinner time and then there are the wings that are so large that 5 or 6 of them fill you up just right. I don't care about little party wings. They're good for parties....the following are good for a meal!

Roosters, a smaller nationwide chain that offers up some of the biggest wings on the planet which are lightly breaded and fried. If you don't know me, I'm a bigger guy with a pretty big appetite and every time I order 10 of these bad boys, I can only get through about 4 or 5 of them...including fries and celery sticks. So, what makes them great, despite the fact that they are breaded and fried you ask? Roosters has some of the best hot Buffalo sauce I have ever had! It's so buttery and not so hot that it hurts, but you get the best combination of butter and hot sauce and they taste great dipped in their ranch or bleu cheese. The best part of Roosters is they aren't too expensive of both worlds!

Coming off of the national chains, there is a little gem of a restaurant in Bright, Indiana called Shift Restaurant & Bar. Shift specializes in farm fresh foods from street tacos to amazing steaks, burgers and fish dishes, but their grilled chicken wings are absolutely incredible! They are huge and 4 or 5 of these incredible wings will fill you up, so order 12 of them and share with your friends! Shift has various sauces for their wings, but their dry rub is out of this world! Best grilled wings I have ever had, hands down. They are always fresh, hot and juicy and so good with the dry rub, no dipping or sauce is needed.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, but Game Time Sports Bar & Grill in Cheviot has some of the best wings in Ohio. Deep fried goodness with an absolutely amazing hot sauce that you can feel, but has an incredible taste as well. But Game Time has raised the bar and recently introduced smoked wings! Talking with their chef and caterer, they are smoked over a combination of mostly Hickory wood with a touch of apple wood and a secret dry rub. They are on the smoker for at least 2 hours or until the optimal internal temp is reached. Again, they have various sauces, but these wings are "smack yo mama" good without sauce, but take their hot wing sauce like a champion. And they are big as well, 4-6 of these puppies will fill up anyone with a huge appetite, so again, order 12 or 20 and share! Game Time has incredible burgers as well...but that's another blog!

Who serves up your favorite wings? Tell us about it!


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